Beer Festival 2014

Now the figures have been finalised, we are very happy to announce that out of the profit we are able to donate £4000 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We are also keeping a sum on one side for local groups and charities.

The whole festival was a success with all twenty nine barrels of beer and one thousand sausage sold. There was something for everybody from locally sourced beers to tea and cakes provided by the scouts.

Of course the star of the show was the Air Ambulance itself which landed on the rec at 4.30.

The pilot put on quite a show. Children, and some adults, were allowed to crawl all over the helicopter and many photo opportunities were taken especially by our own photographer Bill Faulding.

On both nights there was superb entertainment in Birches which was free.

We are inviting local groups to apply for grants. Last year we gave the Yorkshire Air Ambulance £3000 and  we donated a bench to the Prince of Wales Park and a keyboard for use by the Thursday Afternoon Group. We have pledged a donation to the Memorial Hall for putting up with us for four days.

To apply for a grant, please email the Newsletter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would like to thanks our sponsors, listed below, but especially Simply Bathrooms who were our main sponsors. I f you would like details about sponsor a barrel for next year again please contact us through the Newletter.

Finally thanks to Sheep Brewery for their technical support and, of course, to all of you who came and enjoyed yourselves.


Birches Freehouse
BCT Outdoors Ltd
BWC Pennine Weavers Ltd
Martinez Wines
Bond Garden Services
Metro Keighley Taxis
Illingworth McNair
Clarke Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd
Mortgage Q
Precious Stone
Premier Lettings
R & M Meats
Toe by Toe
Chris and Lisa
Will Store
Cochrane Property Maintenance Ltd
HH Birch and Son Ltd
Eldwick Post Office
Highlight Type Bureau Ltd.

Here are some pictures from the event.


This clip shows the Yorkshire Air Ambulance leaving the event.


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